Our Utility Management System

Our Utility Management System makes it easy to manage your day-to-day utility supply, but more importantly, it will assist you in cutting costs and improving profits. Customers can also manage their own consumption from their own remote smart meters.

What makes our system different

Our utility account administration system verifies and validates bills produced by any South African municipality and utility, as well as bills received from private metering companies.

The verification and validation is carried out automatically using the data rich tariff engine and real-time data received from check and sub meters.


Accurate, digital meters with zero maintenance
Energy balancing: sum of individual tenant meters vs. the bulk consumption
Immediate availability of consumption information facilitates rapid billing
Automated processes for meter reading, billing, customer disconnection/re-connection
Fraud detection and alerts with meter tamper alarms
Live, interactive software environment that reads and controls meters remotely
Revenue balancing: Council bulk account vs. remote check meter analysis