The remote smart meters give customers the ability to manage consumption by controlling loads using the meters on-board switching function and relay outputs.

Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology allows property portfolio managers to:

Meter an entire building asset as well as individual sections and tenants through bulk and sub-metering

Perform revenue and energy/water balancing reporting

Manage energy and water resources from a single platform

Periodic consumption reporting: Monthly, daily, half hourly or user defined reporting periods

Verify and validate utility providers’ account statements through main bulk incomer check metering

Define load switching schedules and achieve improved efficiency

Define user categories and report accordingly

Tenant billing and reporting

Accurately account for each tenant’s consumption and keep track of common area consumption

Detect and locate water leaks to avoid wastage

Draw benchmark reports (e.g. intra and inter portfolio, building categories, per number of users/occupants or per GLA)

Prepaid management; including generation and distribution of vouchers through traditional retail channels and smart tools