Advance Metering Infrastructure

Considering all its functionality, you may think our Utility Management System is complicated, but thanks to new and legacy communication technology, it’s actually very simple.

It’s highly functional, yet so simple. That’s what makes it smart

Our electricity meters, which are either single or three phase — and can operate in either pre or post-paid modes — use existing power lines to communicate with our communication gateway or data concentrator unit (DCU). The water meters connect with the management software system directly using wide area radio frequency communication.


Get smart and save

The economy is tough. We know every cent counts which is why our approach will help you streamline tariffs and billing. It will also help you make quick decisions about utility supply and usage and help you avoid revenue losses and unexpected billing surprises caused by faults or fraud.


Give customers more control

The Invirotel Smart Metering Management System allows your customers to monitor and manage their consumption levels. We are giving them the power to minimise their environmental impact and become more eco-conscious.


Easy info at your fingertips

We use cloud-based software to harvest big data from our smart meters in real time. The result, uncomplicated information via our client dashboard giving you everything you need to improve your asset management.

Plus, we back up our all-inclusive product with a dedicated professional technical services department.