Full service turnkey offering

As a turnkey service provider, our Smart Metering Management System and Utility Account Administration System are supported by field services to assist you with implementation and administration.


We conduct water and electrical auditing before helping you with preinstallation preparation. We will also assist you with an installation plan and schedule.


We provide the necessary hardware while our team of technicians will install smart meters and all related infrastructure. When required, we can issue Certificates of Compliance (COCs) in compliance with South African National Standards (SANS 10142).


Our team is always available to assist with utility, tariff and energy efficiency management. Together with our partners at Voltex, we can help you analyse your power quality and offer suggestions to improve your energy efficiency.


Our Management System supports a number of prepaid vending options using Secure Transfer Specifi cations (STS) tokens. These can be bought directly from the supplier or from third party vendors.